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Parachute Recovery

Parachute Recovery

Safe recovery in small areas.



2D and 3D Mapping - 20mp Sony sensor

Automatic Operation

Automatic Operation

Safe and accurate navigation to ensure great results.



Designed and used in agriculture.

Multispectral and Thermal

Multispectral and Thermal

Payload options to fit your requirements.

  • Full Automatic Operation.

  • Payload - RGB, NIR Multispectral ,Thermal and more.

  • Hand launch.

  • Easy to Use software - Planning and Control.

  • Real time terrain clearance information.

  • Parachute Recovery.

  • Capable to handle strong winds and cloudy conditions.

  • Proven in remote areas with success.

  • Automatic georeference images process.

  • Simple to deploy.

  • Native integration with Pix4Dmapper PRO.

  • Integration tool for other processing software.

  • Everything included to start working on day 1.

AG-Wing is a full automatic small Unmanned Aerial System (sUAS) for professional mapping and precision agriculture. Obtain outstanding results with a sUAS designed to operate in tough environment with maximum simplicity and performance.


AG-Wing is a ready to work system, easy to deploy and operate. It has been used by many operators in a wide range of conditions, demonstrating efficiency in each and every flight.

AG-Wing can be used to obtain high quality visual range and multispectral orthomosaics, as well as awesome digital surface models.


The system comes with all equipment required for immediate operation, including carrying case, payload, battery, charger and PC. AG-Wing has a fast learning curve, being ideal for entry level users. RC skills is not required.

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