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AG-Wing has covered 41,250 Acres in Easter Island

AG-Wing small unmanned aerial system has covered the whole Easter Island in about a week, 41,250 acres in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. The operation was conducted to obtain high resolution orthomosaics and digital surface models of the island to support archeology efforts, required by the Chilean National Monuments Council. The project was executed by two AG-Wing UAVs flying simultaneously and equipped with standard 20mp RGB sensor. Last flight of the project was executed on September 27th, 2015.

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First AG-Wing delivered in Europe

IDETEC Unmanned System has delivered the first AG-Wing in Europe, completing the first training season in Spain. The system will support precision agriculture processes. From the begining AG-Wing has proved excellent behavior in extreme windy conditions. April 2016.

AG-Wing Helps Irrigation Planning in Olive Groves

IDETEC Unmanned Systems and the University of Talca Chile have conducted an operation to evaluate the benefits of AG-Wing unmanned aerial system in Olive crops. The system has collected multispectral geo-referenced images over a zone in the south of Chile. The operation was conducted on March 13, 2014.

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AG-Wing in Easter Island - Featured in GIM International Magazine - June 2016

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